Announcing Blogger's Summit On Congestion Pricing

Attention all 5 boroughs bloggers.
I am putting together a blogger's summit on Congestion Pricing that I would like to convene late in August. The event would combine cocktails and a discussion of Congestion Pricing with the goal of coming up with a unified platform that we can take to the Mayor, the City Council, and the media. I believe community bloggers have a unique understanding of the pulse of their communities and I believe that we can come together to make NYC an even greater place.
While I have been critical of Congestion Pricing in the past, it was with the plan and not the concept. I believe the Achilles heel of congestion last go round was that it prioritized revenue not the environment. I think we can work together to put the environment first.
If bloggers or citizens are interested in such a discussion, feel free to email me at . Thanks!


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