Finding The Dream Classic Six

Living Room With WBF

Formal Dining Room

Bedroom With Central Park View

As I am writing this there may very well be multiple applications being placed on this apartment (then again, I hope not). Every once in a while a broker comes across his dream apartment, so I figured that I would share mine with you.

I have been working an incredibly demanding European client lately who has been on a tireless search for the perfect classic 6 on the Upper West Side for his family of 5. His budget for rental is $8000, which would seem ample, but that's when reality sets in. There are plenty of fine options in the range, unless, of course you are the impossible client. There are also plenty of options in the stratosphere of $13,00o. per month, $20,000. per month and up. What I have come up with is, at least, my dream apartment priced at $6,900.

The apartment is a top floor, prewar classic six which, in my opinion, has it all. The apartment has maintained all of the prewar fixings- wood burning fireplace, herringbone inlaid hardwood floors, soaring ceilings with relief adorned moldings and more. The apartment has undergone a complete renovation which respects it's attributes while modernizing the kitchen and baths and adding a washer and dryer. The light is fantastic and the 2 bedrooms have impressive Central Park views. The livingroom and adjoining formal dining room make for an ample and quite impressive entertaining space. The apartment is centrally located in the Upper 50's 1 block from Central Park.

I've been obsessing about this apartment since I saw it at the end of last week. I have told all of my friends. And now, I share it with you. Why am I not taking it? Well, I have just renewed my lease and my kids are going to school a block away from my apartment, for starters.

If you are every wondering what makes a broker tick, and why we all love real estate, it is diamonds in the rough such as this.


  1. Very Beautiful Andrew... at least from the pics provided... is there a Broker listing?

  2. I guess, the broker would be me.

  3. Hi Andrew,

    Is this apt still available? My husband and I need to move and would like a classic 6 on the UES.


  4. Collin-
    This one is long gone, but fortunately I do have more where that came from. Feel free to email me ( your parameters and I will narrow it down for you.

  5. Hello, which building is this apartment in? Those balconies (and on Central Park no less!) are wonderful.

  6. 200 west 58th across from the Alwyn

  7. this is one of the most beauty living room that I never seen in my life, the wood floor give a excellent finish to the house, the only problem with this floor is the incredible care that you have to give it.


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