Related's The Harrison Condo Rising Quickly

The Harrison, 8/7/08

Nod To Art Deco

What a difference a few months make. It seems like just yesterday that Related's "The Harrison" condo was just a rendering and a hole in the ground. No longer. Robert A.M. Stern's West Side answer to The Brompton, is rising quickly, and looking good. While everyone knows what a huge fan I am of The Brompton, the Harrison ranks right up there. While I like the Brompton just a smidge more, The Harrison has plenty going for it.

In retrospect, the holdout in the brownstone on the corner actually did The Harrison a favor. Challenged, Stern came up with a 2 part building that I believe is superior to what he may have created with uninterrupted space. By having two towers, the apartments have much more open space in front of them, better light and far more apartments with views. I also like Stern's use of some accents on the base of the building that appear to be a nod to the prewar art deco era. While the outside is looking good, the finishes in these apartments are hands down incredible.

So far, so good. I am sure everyone is looking forward to the finished product.


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