Where I Was Wrong On "Triangles" Project

While reporting on the progress of the Flatiron "Triangles" project, I was wrong to assume that the planters blocking the bike lanes on Broadway from 23rd to 25th and across 25th were to be permanently blocked by planters. After further review, it would appear that the planters are there to temporarily block cyclists from taking a spill on the loose gravel drifting from the nearby tar and gravel project. I have also previously commented on the asphalt which has been covered in that tar and gravel. While I don't love the gravel idea, I guess given the experimental state of the project, it's perfectly adequate. I'm sorry if my previous short term impression of searing hot asphalt implied that it was to be the finished product.
I have had a few people complain that I have something against the DOT. I do not. I simply like to see these projects reach full potential. As I have mentioned in the past, I love the idea of more people space.
I still contend that there must be some crosswalk going across 25th and a lack of one poses a danger. I also contend that the granite slabs are great, but a lack of a more distinct barriers between people space and several lanes of traffic, particularly at the top of the largest triangle, is also a danger. But, I do like the space and I am rooting for it to get better and better!
Here is a 28 page pdf via curbed that details the scope of the project:
Madison Square Pedestrian Project (PDF File)


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