LIC's Long Awaited Supermarket Opens 7 A.M. Tomorrow

I actually had this scoop a couple of days ago, but I was out in search of the Montauk Monster and wanted to get pics before the official opening. The official opening, or at least "soft opening" is tomorrow at 7am and the supermarket, all 20,000 sq ft of it will, is expected to maintain hours of 7 am- 9:30 pm. So, I guess at long last LIC can rejoice and enjoy the good eats!

Next up, Duane Reade in about a month. It just keeps getting better!


  1. What are your thoughts on Jersey City?

  2. JC to me seems a bit overbuilt. Prices are coming down out there and you can probably get a pretty decent deal this winter (although I'll admit I'm far from an expert on the area).

    The "Food Cellar" is on 47th Road between 5th Street and Center Blvd.


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