In Search Of The Montauk Monster

Not here!...Montauk Light House 8/11/08

I have made a voyage East, for what I call a broker's weekend (starts on Sunday night and can last up to 48 hours). My first break in a month, but the blog always calls.

I came across numerous articles in the local papers that are clearly keeping the legend of the "Montauk Monster" alive and well. From all you read out here, it is not a hoax, but most likely an unfortunate Labrador Retriever or as Discover Scientists see it, a Raccoon. The whereabouts of the body of this oddly deformed and partially decomposed carcass is currently unknown. Apparently the person who decided to take the thing off the beach left it in his friend's backyard while picking up the artist, Rafael Mazzucco, with whom he co-conspired to make art of the bones and, of course, sell them. By the time he got back to his friend's house, the monster was missing. There are various theories as to who has the carcas, too numerous to bother going into.

But, Montauk Monty Fever continues! Many more episodes are yet to be written and many more conspiracies to be explored. Part of my trip was to be dedicated to a search for Monty, but a breaking scoop has me rushing back to NYC (stay tuned). Monty will have to wait. In the meantime, here is the latest on Monty from the East Hampton Star:
Montauk Monster Is Missing (East Hampton Star)
Montauk Monster: The Real Story (East Hampton Star)


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