Breaking- 79 Horatio Sold At Auction For $7.4 Million

I just received word from a reliable source that 79 Horatio, a 10 unit (9 vacant, 1 rent control) 6300sf, 5 story townhouse has been sold at public auction today for $7.4 Million to a member of the Gottlieb family. This is unconfirmed, but the source is highly reliable.

79 Horatio is unique in that not only was it one of the few properties to actually go to auction at 60 Centre Street (most have deals worked out before), but this auction was actually marketed with it's own website and detailed pdf description:
Update: More backround on this auction transaction from The property was in dispute and the property actually changed hands from one Gottlieb to another:


  1. I am an auction lover. So every news related to the auction makes me very happy. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  2. $7.4 Million???? I can believe it, I have never heard that one building in this place has this price!!I would like to be the owner of a similar one, I really like it, it was so interesting!"22dd


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