Green Gone Wild! "Living Wall" Graces 86th Street.

This is clearly taking the meaning of "Green Building" to a whole new level! You've heard of green roofs, but green walls? Yes, Pure Yoga on 86th Street has a green wall! They call it a "living wall", and it is indeed alive. All I can say is "cool"!
The 1000sf living wall is watered by a computerized irrigation system and trimmed every couple of weeks. While I'm sure it's not cheap to build and maintain a living wall, Pure Yoga seems to have come up with a great marketing ploy. The wall does not go unnoticed, someone seems to be taking a picture of it every minute. The plants will be changed in the fall to a heartier variety that can handle the NY winter.
The Making Of The Green Wall (
Examples Of Green Walls (ELT Living Wall Photo Gallery)


  1. Nice billboard;

    I found another in Bordeaux (France), photographed by philoujack

  2. or here in Luxembourg :

  3. Andrew...Very Cool.. but at least mention the company who manufactures and installs the product....Green Living Technologies ( is made in the USA and in fact NY unlike the mentioned plastic ELT product from Canada not even a close blog

  4. #3, thanks for the props. You are right. Thanks for mentioning the made in America version.

  5. Unfortunatley, this wall today looks dull and almost dead. If you want to devellop a reliable technics to create living wall, visit us at or
    all the best,


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