Apartment Flash: Low 70's/ West Of Third, Prewar 2-3 Bedroom, $4000

The value pricing continues! This prewar apartment is located on a gorgeous low 70's block, west of Third Avenue. The apartment has 2 bedrooms, living room, formal dining room, and 2 full baths. The formal dining room is large enough to use as a living room, so if you need a 3rd bedroom, the separate living room could be used for that purpose. For more info, call A. Fine Company at 646-237-4170.


  1. People in the $4000+ price range are trading down to $3000 and under when their leases come up for renewal. People are circling the wagons to ride out the recession. You may need to re-think the price, down to $3000.

  2. It is not my pricing, it is the landlord's price. The same apartment probably would have been 20% more last year. This is pretty typical of pricing of late-significantly lower. If it doesn't move in a month, they will probably lower it.


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