Lifestyles Of The Rich And Infamous: Wife Grabs $15.5 Mil Before Bernie's Arrest, Drier Back In His Sweet Crib

Ruth Madoff withdrew $5.5 Million on November 25th, and another $10 Million on December 10th, the eve of Bernie Madoff's arrest, from accounts held at a brokerage co-owned by Madoff, according Massachusetts securities regulators. So much for her not knowing anything. So now we have a potential felon living in the penthouse with the largest ponzi schemer in history. Just gotta love this "justice" system.
More from the "Lifestyles Of The Rich And Infamous" file: In case you missed it earlier, Marc Drier, scam artist extraordinaire, having been indicted for stealing a measly $400 Million by selling fake promissory notes, is now comfortably re-ensconced in his $6 Million pad at One Beacon Court. Cityfile has a great piece with a video tour of the 2900 square foot unit by Douglas Elliman a while back. 1000 square feet of outdoor space with spectacular view included! Note to future massive ponzi thieves- outdoor space is a huge plus for future house arrest.


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