Manhattan House Saga Continues- First there was the controversy of tenants who wouldn't leave, then you had hello Dolly Lenz and then goodbye Dolly Lenz. Somewhere along the line a bunch of condos were sold. Now, some buyers who are either unhappy with construction progress or having difficulty getting a mortgage (who said it was easy nowadays) have lawyered up. Attorney Adam Leitman Bailey is representing a group of current owners/buyers. He has a good rep at getting things done and advocating for his clients. On the other side is equally reputable developer O'Connor Capital Partners. It is reported by The Real Deal that O'Connor contends that it is current on its mortgage, has 3 years left and an option for more. Ahhh, a bull market would put this all to rest, wouldn't it? For the full scoop: Manhattan House Developer Maintains Building Is Financially Solvent (The Real Deal)


  1. I had excellent memories with this because I remember when I went to that building with three girls we spent excellent moments there doing many crazy things.m10m


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