Extell's "The Aldyn" At Riverside South Rises, And More...

Extell's "Alydyn", active and growing!

"Sessanta", funny name, Adagio's sister

John Jay's 620,00sf expansion on West End and 59th

So I'm walking around town looking for some new construction activity, something that I haven't seen yet. Construction activity is a little harder to come by nowadays, so I returned to the Lincoln Square West area. I wasn't seeing much til I hit 10th Avenue, but then- bang- activity just like the good old days!

First I have to say thank you Extell! In light of all the financing issues out there, the fear, the arrested developments; Extell, you surely stand out from the crowd. I saw from a distance cranes, active cranes and I followed them to the water. And there it was, a very large base, 7 stories tall, and growing, teeming with activity. Times must be tough because just looking at this development I thought jobs, lots of jobs, and money, lots of money. Extell managed to raise $613 Million this summer to continue building Riverside South and it sure is nice to see that money at work. The Aldyn will house 279 condo units.

Extell is not alone. The Sessanta, the sister building to Adagio on West 61st Street is topped, glassed, and ready for interiors. Another busy site. The building is 25 stories and has a pretty substantial footprint (not much further info online).

Also just a block away was another active site on 11th Avenue between 58th and 59th. It is the 620,000 square foot addition to John Jay College.

Things may be slowing down all over, but in this little corner of Manhattan, it's just like the boom days and it make you feel good!


  1. Aldyn is part rental/part condo. Going on the market around September

  2. What is the address of the Aldyn?


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