A Little Housekeeping

EMail, RSS: It's that time again. Time to remind all A. Fine Blog viewers that if they would like to receive the blog by email or by RSS feed, just scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll be able to sign up in an instant.
Advertising: A. Fine Blog will be rolling out advertisers in the near term. We are a fast growing blog with an affluent and very targeted readership. While other blogs that concentrate on the NY Real Estate are seeing viewership suffer, we are surging. If you are interested in advertising on A. Fine Blog, just shoot an email to andrew@afinecompany.com to get the ball rolling.
Format: You have probably noticed that we have widened our format. The feedback has been positive and I hope everyone likes the new look.
Comments: You may notice a few comments that have been deleted. I do not censor. The only posts that I delete are either spam for things like fake Gucci handbags, or when a commenter is threatening, vulgar, or intimidating to another commenter. We allow anonymous comments to keep things as open as possible, and so far we have been lucky with very limited spam.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Your views are interesting and inspiring.


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