"Living Wall" Faces Its Nemesis: Scaffolding

The Green (Brownish) Wall Now (Above)
Lush Green Wall In August (Below)

It's not easy being green. City life is tough and especially tough on plant life trying to cover a wall on East 86th Street. Last August I reported on an inspiring site, a green wall above Pure Yoga. It was lush, green, and beautiful. I figured that the wall would be challenged by a harsh environment during the winter, but this winter features an especially daunting challenge: scaffolding. Seems that The Colorado, the rental building above Pure Yoga is having a little refacing done. That's great and all, but not for the living wall. Now with cold temps and sun being obscured to three quarters of the wall it has turned decidedly brown and bald in spots especially below the scaffolding. So much for a green wall, but hope springs eternal! Warmer temps are coming, and maybe, just maybe, the scaffolding will come down soon (I know that's optimistic-ouch).


  1. The scaffolding is not the only reason the wall looks the way it does. During the winter, exterior plants go through a dormant stage. Some of the varieties used in this wall actually "die back" to the soil line. Hopefully the scaffolding comes down soon and Spring arrives.


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