McSam's Tribeca Sheraton Slogging Along

(L) From Canal, (R) from Lispenard

McSam's 20 Story North Tribeca Sheraton Hotel is rising. Right now the building, awkwardly straddling an irregular lot on Canal through to Lispenard (between Church and W. B'way), is 12 stories. The hotel is set back a bit from Canal and fills the lot on Lispenard. It is an unusual site. From canal, it looks like it is in the middle of the lot rising from behind old low rise buildings. A Sheraton may seen odd in Tribeca, but considering that it is Canal Street (I got offered 3 Rolex watches walking 3 blocks), it may actually an upgrade. The hotel will house 360 rooms and was originally slated to open mid-2009. We know that won't happen- looks like a year off. While some people knock McSam, he seems to be keeping the NYC construction industry afloat single-handedly.


  1. Sam is a good Guy.

  2. I like Sam Chang. At least he is creating jobs in this economy while people knock him...What are those fools doing? probably unemployed looking for jobs, knocking him.....

  3. Sam Chang may be creating jobs, but he builds the ugliest buildings known to man, and i'm not even one of those nimby preservationist types. The amount of eyesores hes built in nyc is truly a record, take that trio of hotels midtown for ex.


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