LIC Construction Update: Zipper Gets Action, Prism Topped, And More

(L)The "Zipper Building", (R) "The Prism"

(L) Solarium, (R) 10-17 Jackson

LIC Construction update:
Zipper Building- Between 5SL and future Solarium, the long dormant former warehouse/zipper factory is finally seeing some action. Scaffolding has been erected and debris was being removed.
Solarium- On 48th Ave between 5th Street and Vernon Blvd. This project keeps moving along. Sales and marketing has been delayed for as long as possible (to wait out the market), and rumor has it (unconfirmed) that the pool has been nixed. (EDITORS NOTE: Hearing from Rick Rosa representing The Solarium, the developers have been tweaking the offering plan and not delaying the project. They are anxious to get started marketing as soon as the plan is ok'd by the AG )
Prism- Topped, also no sign of sales and marketing. The developer is also probably waiting (hoping, praying) for a better climate.
10-17 Jackson- Starting to tower up. Love those high ceilings!
I'll try to get the scoop on "the zipper", if anyone has any info, feel free to share!


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  2. How is the LIC market holding up? Obviously transactions are way down, but is there any activity? Are prices steady? Or do you see firesales coming?

  3. think the zipper building only has scaffoding because they were cited a violation for crumbling walls and windows.

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