Barbie Hits The Big 5-0! Bloomies, Fashion World Celebrate!

Her birthday isn't officially until March 9th, but that doesn't stop her from taking Manhattan weeks in advance. Last night she was honored with her very own fashion show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with Barbie-inspired outfits which now adorn life-sized Barbie mannequins on the 2nd floor of Bloomingdale's. Bloomie's was chosen as the retail partner to help celebrate the big 5-0 and is going all out with a 10 window display on Third Avenue, a 2nd floor Barbie shop and the "biggest ever public display of historic Barbie Dolls." Barbie seems perfectly comfortable in the confines of Bloomie's and I have to say she looks fantastic for 50!
Is it just me or did she have a little work done?


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